A Trusted Wholesaler of Red and Green Chile Peppers


Based in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM, The Fruit Basket ABQ sells various New Mexican products in bulk. Purchasing our goods in large quantities will let you save money since you will get them at a wholesale price.

The Products We Offer

At any given time, our prices may vary. Only certain items may be available in other cases. If you are interested in buying our goods, we advise you to order in advance and write a purchase agreement. Below are examples of goods available for purchase:

  • Red Chile Powder
  • Crushed Red Chile
  • Red Chile Pods
  • Green Chile Powder
  • Crushed Green Chile
  • ​Blue Corn Meal
  • Roasted Atole
  • Chicos
  • NM Pinto Beans

You can pick the items up or have them delivered to your location.


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