Selling Fresh and Delicious New Mexico Green Chili




The Fruit Basket Abq receives fresh, New Mexico green chiles directly from the farm. We get our chiles from a few different locations here in the state, including Hatch, Lemitar (Socorro), and Artesia. During our season, we offer Mild, Medium, Hot, Xtra Hot, and XXX Hot (Call for availability.) We sell our fresh green chiles by the pound if you just want a taste, or by the gunny sack (40lbs). Also, The Fruit Basket roasts green chiles on site! We have enough roasters to get you in and out in a New Mexico minute. During our season, we also have fresh, 1 lb. roasted bags of NM chile ready to be peeled and enjoyed for a quick taste. So stop by late July to late October to get a piece of one of New Mexico's greatest treasures.

​*** A reminder for any green chile shipped ***

You are receiving a perishable produce product. So shipping green chile is a final sale product. If you do decide to order a chile shipment from, they or The Fruit Basket ABQ, are not responsible for the condition of the package upon arrival. If the chile does not show up as expected, you need to take on the discrepancies with the shipping provider. REMEMBER. THIS IS A PRODUCE PERISHABLE PRODUCT EITHER FRESH OR FROZEN! THE FRUIT BASKET DOES NOT SHIP FRESH OR FROZEN GREEN CHILE